Ceramic Tile

CRStudio4 was founded because there was an apparent need for good quality art tile in the late 80’s. Started by a pottery artist and ceramicist our tiles are created to serve two purposes: to be functionally sound and to be aesthetically pleasing. Here at CRStudio4 we care about the quality of the tile, but above all we care about artistic integrity. Putting our tile in your home is no different than purchasing art to hang on your walls. We want to give you something that sets your home apart from the rest, to make your home a work of art in itself.

CRStudio4 specializes in handmade stoneware tile. Unlike most tile factories who import their bisque from Mexico or other third world countries, we hand make all our tile right here in our studio. We have a few techniques, extruding and pressing that we use when producing your order.

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