CRS4 & Robin's Tile, Brick Glaze are available in 2x2, 2x4, 2x8, 4x4 and 4x8. These are nominal sizes. See at the bottom of the page for true sizes. We also offer Glazed quarter rounds and a Chunky trim liner. We provide corners and glazed edges as well.

CRS4 & Robin's Tile, Brick Glaze Pallet Boards ~ 84 glaze colors 3 pallet boards

Our Brick Pallet boards are made on 16x16 white melamine.

RT Atomic

RT Bayside

RT Big Bear

RT Birch

Black Brick

RT Blue Frost

RT Blue Ice

RT Blue Moon

RT Blue Root

RT Cappuccino


RT Caribbean

RT Castaway



Clear White

RT Cocoa


RT Corn Flower

Cowboy Blue

RT Dark Cobalt

Dark Royal

RT Earl

Egg White

RT Fern

Fools Gold

RT Glenwood

RT Green Day


Gun Metal

Hot Mama

RT Hot Tamale

RT Ice Castle

RT Kermit

RT Larado

RT Lava

RT Lazy Day

Light Cobalt

RT Linen

Matte Black

RT Matte White

Mellow Yellow

Metallic Black

Metallic Brown

Metallic Gold Coming Soon

RT Moonstone

Mountain Moss

Mustards Seed

RT Nebula

RT Oatmeal

RT Oil Spot

Old Flat White


RT Pacific

RT Paisley

RT Peabody

Peacock Dust

Pearl Grey

RT Pilaf

RT Pop Tart


Poppy Pesto


Refridge White

Royal Blue


Seagreen Matte

RT Shark

Shiny Black

Silver Snow

Smokey Grey

RT Solar

RT Sugar

RT Surf

Tahitian Wood

RT Tree Frog

RT Tundra


Turtle Green


RT Viper

RT Wasabi

RT Wheat

Yellow Ore